Is Classical Sociology Still Relevant Today? Essay example

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Choose any one concept or argument developed within classical sociology. Critically evaluate the use made of this concept or argument by contemporary sociology in trying to understand a current social issue
This essay looks at the argument taken from a classical sociologist called Weber, throughout this essay it explains rationalization and how it has become modernized using Ritzer to explain this by demonstrating his McDonaldization theory. The theory will be clarified by contemporary sociologists by looking at their strengths and weaknesses and how rationalization relates to a current social issue such as globalisation becoming such a problem in today’s society due to a wide population of fast food restaurants causing obesity to rise
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The time it takes to drive to McDonalds and order a fast food is much more time efficient then going to Asda, shopping, and then cleaning the dishes after. It is assumed that because people get a lot out of something in a little amount of time it means it is a good option, although it is not the greatest option as fast foods are causing more people to become obese as it is the easiest option. In today’s society people believe that getting ‘more for your money’ and ‘bigger is better’ is a good way to live however the public do not realise that everything they eat from fast food restaurants has calories, and how eating fast foods often causes health problems as well as putting on additional pound from over consumptions of fat. A national institutes of health cite 2005 studied a review that showed eating fast foods more than twice a week makes u gain 10pounds in 15 years, this leads to being overweight and then gradually obese. Once people become obese they may start to develop respiratory diseases, clogged arteries, gall bladder diseases arthritis and depression, all of which lead to causing the NHS money (Hammand 2011). In the US more than 300,000 deaths are caused because of obesity although fast food restaurants are not the only factor to cause this it is the main factor.
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Many sociologist critique against rationalisation some even go so far as to say it