Is College Worth It Essay

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Is college worth it?
With the rising cost of college tuition, is college worth it? College is very worth it. Who would not want to make their future better by going to college? College allows students to explore career options, more jobs require a college degree, and college graduates make more money compared to those that don’t go to college. There are a number of benefits to obtaining a college education. College allows students to explore career options.A good thing about college is you can go to school for any career you want.More than 80% of college students complete internships before graduation,giving them more experience for their future careers. There are wide variety of careers to study when you are in college.If you go to college
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If on your application for a career it says you went to college makes the person that is hiring people think higher of you and you will have a better chance to get the career you want.

In conclusion, college allows students to explore career options,more jobs require a college degree,and college graduates make more money than those who don’t go to college. It is your choice in how you want to live your life, but if you go to college you will live an easier life. College is a good thing it helps you get more education and you also get to have a good career thi is a plus.Go to college, and after college you will have a easier life.This is a very important topic to all kinds of people because it determines their