Is College Worth The Cost Essay

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Is College Really Worth the Cost?
Many high school students that are close to graduating wonder if college is really for them. College is expensive and many students wonder if college is really worth what it costs. College is an extremely smart move to make in that college graduates make more money, more and more jobs are requiring college degrees, and college allows students to explore a variety of career options. College is an enormous part of a successful life. College is definitely worth the cost.
College graduates tend to make more money in their future jobs. Employers look at diplomas as work experience. The more experience or qualification a person has in a job, will likely determine the amount of money they get paid. Statistics show that college graduates with a Bachelor's degree make on average, 30,000 dollars more per year than a high school graduate with no college education. That is about
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A high school graduate can only go so far when it comes to choosing what job they want. A college graduate can have may options. They may have wanted to do a certain job when they were in high school and through college were able to explore the job and maybe find a better fit job for them. Colleges often offer internship programs or job shadowing programs where students can explore different work fields that may interest them and then choose the best one. Over 80% of college graduates experience some kind of internship or volunteer work before graduating which gives them the necessary work skills to start the job.
Overall, college really is worth the cost. By going to college, students are better prepared to succeed in their later lives. They could get paid more, have an easier time finding a job, and they get to explore different job opportunities they may be interested in. College costs a decent amount of money but, can definitely benefit anyone in their later