Is Death Penalty Worth It Essay

Words: 2002
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Is Death Penalty Worth It?

Well, in the past certain decades the all government of world realize that the crimes are increasing and the criminals. So they decide to make a new law which is the death penalty. The death penalty is law that the government created it to kill the criminals. The death penalty is a result for the criminals because they already did a lot of problems such as killing, stealing and raping.There are also many ways how to do the death penalty and depends on the crime, for example in Saudi Arabia, the prostitute who cheats on her husband killed by stoning. In addition to the methods that use the punishment penalty such as retribution, hanging or shooting on the criminals and depends on the type of crime.Also there are
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And also if our children or teenagers know and learn about the death penalty , they may casue a lot of crimes and problems.Those sentenced to death believe that the death penalty is the worst violation of human rights, because the right to life is the most important. Human rights activists oppose the death penalty and they call it "cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment".Many opponents of the death penalty said that risk of executing innocent people is in any judicial system and executions of innocent people have been committed. Whatever the law is develp , it will always be Gallery of failure because The judge made a mistake in the death sentence by killing the innocent. The punishment of execution is a sensitive law and there is no choice to revoke it or reform it because the spirit of man can not be returned. Moreover, the punishment of death does constitute a violation of one's rights to life, which is the most basic human