Essay about Is Destiny a Matter of Chance or Choice?

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The scientists, like Isaac Newton, believed that there was a universal law and everything was ordered in line with this universal law. Since everything in an order, the future can be predicted because it was already arranged by the universal law. This is also called destiny or fate and it means that people believe their role in this world is given and they cannot change it. However, people’s life is not destined by a universal law or by God. With the new discoveries in science, it has been claimed that 18th century scientists were wrong in their view on universal law. The chaotic scientists of the 20th century claimed that the chaotic system is random and not related with destiny because any change in the initial condition will affect …show more content…
As R. C. L say: “Self organization is the rule, not the exception. Everything is not pre-determined by a rigid and complex system of detailed laws which specify exactly how everything works. There is no detailed blueprint of the universe, just a general set of laws”. Chaos theorists explain God as: the Strange Attractor, the origin of inexplicable and unpredictable order from chance (Law and Disorder, R.C.L, p 6 ). This is called as ‘Fractal order’ which is based on relatively few basic structural principles from which many transitory laws follow (Law and Disorder,R. C. L. p 6). In other words, they give God a role in the system by saying that God plays dice which rescue them from the prison of determinism, where everything was set. In this connection, the chaotic view supports that everyone has a chance to decide their own fate along the lines of freedom and free will. Briefly, D. C. L states that the world was not a clock, it was a game, a game of chance and choice which was a random process (D. C. L. p 4). Corresponding to Newton`s law of physics is the fatalistic approach state that human beings play their role which is already given to them. Hovewer, destiny cannot determines people’s actions; it is people`s choices and chances. People’s behaviors or actions cannot be predicted as fatalistic people stated. Each person has different characteristic features that make him/her act differently; and also, the