Is Disney Good Or Bad For Children Essay

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Disney has been around for almost a century now, and people are starting to voice their opinions about the brand. There are several different stances on the topic of whether or not Disney is bad for children. For example, some people think that Disney is bad for their children because it gives them unrealistic expectations about how their life is going to be. While others think that there is nothing wrong with Disney and that it is not bad for their children because they themselves have grown up on Disney. But then there are also the people that think that Disney is not bad for their children because it is their job to teach their kids the difference between fairy tales and reality. That Disney is not there to raise their children for them it is still their job. A number of parents have recently been trying to argue that Disney is bad for their children. Specifically, they are looking into the long term effects it has on their children. According to …show more content…
According to Jena Stephens, Disney has changed their princess archetypes from damsels in distress to strong woman (95). The female leads in Disney movies are becoming more independent that do not set out looking for their princes. For example, in Tangled, Rapunzel does not want to find a prince, she does not even know that she is a princess. During the movie all she wants to do is go and see the lights and she uses Flynn to do just that. She did not plan on falling in love during her trip it just happened, this movie shows that woman can be independent without needing to find their