Essay on Is Emailing Dead to Teens

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Is email dead for teenagers? Explain.

In today’s world there are so many other ways to get a message to someone. When I was growing up I felt that email was a wonderful way to talk to people without talking to the face to face. Now there is face book, MySpace, twitter, text messages and even face-time. I myself have a face book page and I sometime enjoy it but I also have a friend that emails me weekly. Even though she is my face book friend, we feel like emailing each other is a way to be more personal about things. My daughter and my baby sister are 13 and 14 years old. They know absolutely nothing about emailing. If they were asked to send an email to someone, they would probably ask you “do you want it sent by face book in boxing”? As a mother I am constantly watching everything that is being done on my daughter page. As stated in our text “it is important to remember that everything being done on face book in visible to anyone”. (Bowles, pg 160) I agree with this statement because not only am I watching her face book page, her father and grandparents are to.

Social networks allow people to connect for a variety of reasons in a digital environment. You might join LinkedIn to meet business contacts, MySpace to find a band member, or Face book to see pictures of old friends and meet new ones. Whatever environment you decide to be a part of, posting information about you has become an issue of concern. What are those concerns? I mean what is the big deal about privacy?

Privacy to me is important because I do not want my information in someone’s reach without my approval. I have joined LinkedIn, Face book, and Yes! I am a bit of a social junky. I joined LinkedIn simply because I want to be up to date on the latest Medical Billing and Coding information. I found that when I joined LinkedIn, I was asked all these different questions as if I was redoing my resume all over again. I felt like that website wasn’t for me because why would I just put my information out for anyone who is following me to see? Before I even knew what face book was my younger sisters were members on this website. I join Face book to try to keep up with them since all of mother’s girls grew up and left the city we were born in or moved to a different state. I must admit that when I joined face book I knew nothing about the privacy setting and such. Anyone who types your name in can find you and I started to dislike the site because people I didn’t want to talk to started contacting my. I joined because I was looking for a better job. I wanted to be closer to home so putting my resume may online made it easier for me to search for job through my mobile device while at work. I think that the concerns about privacy would be that personal information is getting into the hands of the wrong person. Once I learned how to set the privacy setting on face book, I made it to where one can search for me. I cannot be found