is free will an illusion Essay

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agree to a certain with the statement that “free will” is an illusion because I believe every action that we take is predestined. This is hard determinist’s view that free will is not compatible with free will.
People such as Richard dawkins believe free will is inherent to the human condition, meaning each individual choice is free from “divine influence”. However this is debatable because god is seen as almighty and all-knowing so does good know are decisions before we make them? If so this makes it clear free will cannot exist because God knows which choice we will make and can even make us choose that choice. This idea of predestination gives us the illusion of free will. We think we our making our own choices when in reality they have already be made.
On the other hand some religious believers such as some christens could disagree and say we do have “total free will” such as martin luther who stated that “sin had so clouded the human mind that our free will was severely restricted” this suggest it is our sinfully actions which results in free will being seen as an illusion. In the film It is also stated that when god gave humans free will the humans caused “WW1, the holocaust and Cuban missile crisis” ; these “wrong” actions could have resulted in the end of the word hence why it was snatched from humans. This idea implies that free will was not always an illusion and did exist but due to all the evil produced from it, free will was taken and became an illusion due to our actions. And we are to be blamed for this.
Other religious believers believe we never actual had free will; “for he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight” (Ephesians 1:4) makes it clear god Is in control of what happens and it is not us. So we think we are in control of what we do when it is in fact god. Although some would argue that some of the actions done under the illusion of free will do not seem like the type of thing god would do. The quote makes it seem criminals who have done crimes such as rape or murder are not in control of their actions and are therefore