Is Growth Always an Inherent Corporate Value? Essays

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Is Growth Always an Inherent Corporate Value?
Growth Definition:
Growth can be defined as a company that produces substantial profitable earnings and these profits increase at high rates than the existing economy. A company with growth inclines to have earnings which can be used for reinvestment for growth to obtain more earnings. This growth in the company ensures the stockholders their share and the fame of the company in corporate world.
Growth is an inherent corporate value, because of the following reasons a) Value of the company: With profitable growth, the value of the company increases and attracts more investors for investing and thus development of company. b) Shareholders Value: Through profitable growth,
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A well-researched theory which explains the processes, and determines what causes what and why leads to predictability of an innovation. Such an assessment of predictability brings the innovation into the section of calculated risk.
It involves three steps. First one is to know the process, innate details of the idea/innovation and its attributes. Second step is to sketch a strategy to execute the idea by considering all the circumstances of the company. Testing it in positive and negative scenarios and trying to assess what the impact would be as the circumstances change. Third step is to evaluate, what action would cause what result and why and to evaluate if the idea works for the existing company.
With the above mentioned key factors, growth can be achieved as there is sense of predictability, which reduces risk and there is an evaluation of the whole scenarios, which give information on the impact of the existing business.
Clayton M.Christensen and Michael E.Raynor have put their plan together for growth generation of an organization. The analysis and emphasis on necessary steps to be taken were clear and can be implemented. The steps like shaping innovation, collection of credible data through extensive research and then testing the drafted scenarios in positive and negative circumstances to know the predictability, really count for generating growth in a company.
Growth always keeps everyone in company motivated in achieving