Is Having A Job In College Reasonable?

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Samantha Dicochea
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Oct. 7, 2013 Is Having a Job in College Reasonable? Should students have a job while in school? Will it help them keep out of trouble? Or will they fall behind? A lot of students question the fact of actually having a job while in school. Some are afraid of falling behind in classes and failing. Personally, I don’t think that’s the case. If one has a part time job, it’s a bit easier to handle than a full time job while being in school. I started working in high school so I think it also helped me stay out of trouble since I hardly did hangout with my friends. Instead I made room for the more important things since my time was limited. I made time for homework assignments and mostly my family and sometimes my friends. Plus, having a job can benefit you financially. If you need extra cash for some bills, you have the money if your grants aren’t enough. So, having a job while in school is actually a good thing because you stay out of trouble, your time is limited so you have to be careful with your time, and it can help you financially if you need some extra cash. The main reason why I think having a job is a good thing during college is because it can help you stay out of trouble. Most teenagers when they are in high school going to college tend to be more rebellious. This is the age in which we want to do and try everything we possibly can.
We want to stay up late and go out and party. I didn’t have this chance because my time was occupied by work. When all my friends wanted to hangout, I couldn’t because I had to work. So when I didn’t work, I was too busy doing homework. Then when I had any free time, I was busy going out with my family. Which I think is better than sleeping in all hung over every weekend or what not. When you are working, like I’ve mentioned before, you don’t really have time to fool around. I had to be focused on getting all my work done and turned in on time. I didn’t want to fall behind just because I wanted to go out with my friends. Although I did miss them and it’s good to at least be social. But when I did have some spare time, I always wanted to hang out with my family instead. We’d go out to the stores or go out to eat, or just hang out at home. I didn’t really have