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Is it Ethical
If appropriate, was consent given? The teacher did not have to allow consent because the children who were being used as a guinea pig had no say in the way she taught them as her students.
Is there a significant positive outcome that will benefit psychological research here? Why or why not? Yes, psychological field could be benefited by this because the students responded positively to the new way of learning and doing assignments. This teacher’s new way of teaching could possibly help lots of teachers around the world who need new ways to get their kids to like and understand assignments.
Is the experimental group an appropriate sample to test the psychological issue? Why or why not? I think that the chosen experimental group was appropriate because at this point in college kid’s lives they have been given all types of assignments and writing prompts. Students could use their prior assignments to look back on, to see how different teaching styles leads to better understandings.
Was every effort made to avoid unnecessary harm? While conducting this experiment the students who were negatively affected were not taken into consideration before going through with it, so there for not all efforts were made to avoid unnecessary harm.
Were the subjects informed of the experiment? No, the subjects were not informed that they were being experimented on. However, I’m sure that they realized something was being taught differently from what they are used to.
Is this an ethical experimental design? Yes, this is an ethical experimental. I feel this way because the teacher did not use her power to take advantage of her students to make them feel uncomfortable in any way. She did this completely to APA standards.
If appropriate, was consent given? Consent was not given; the students did not know that they were secretly being tested on how much they respected their instructor. Seeing as how the instructor is not a psychologists, the APA guidelines were not broken here.
Is there a significant positive outcome that will benefit psychological research here? Why or why not? There is not a positive outcome that came from this in my opinion because…