Is it good to be selfish? Essay

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Do we always have to be concerned about helping other people or is it sometimes better to be selfish?

A silent panic showed on all the passengers of the airplane. They feared for their lives as the cabin was losing air. When the oxygen masks dropped down, general panic ensued. Each helped themselves to a mask, then helped those having trouble, just as they were directed. Because of quick and decisive action, their lives were spared. Selfishness is often the very means by which we can help others. The passengers would not have gotten the oxygen they needed if each was trying to help his neighbor first; it is more efficient to help oneself. Those who do not help themselves first cannot help others.

In the famous book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Dagny Taggart is able to help thousands of people by focusing solely on the profits of her company. Dagny, owner of Taggart Transcontinental, is facing a crisis. She has to choose between providing a popular free service to a poor region of the country or invest in a financially rewarding line. She chose to profit her company, and Taggart Transcontinental was saved from the collapse many other companies experienced. By her selfish actions, many hundreds of workers stayed employed, which ultimately benefitted many more people than her free service.

My uncle Jeff had to make a similar choice. He owns a locksmith business, and employs 92 people. Last year his company lost a major contract and prospects were looking