Is It Possible to Perceive the World as Other People Perceive It? Essay

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1. Is it possible to perceive the world as other people perceive it? In my opinion, I think people perceive the world in many different ways because people come from different backgrounds and they speak distinct language. People perceive the world through senses, and refine the real pictures inside the brain together with their experiences and beliefs. Language is one part makes people perceive the world not alike. There is no doubt that language in an important part of anyone’s world, since it enables much of the interaction between humans.
I have a good example from my experience. I am an immigrant, and I also a bilingual. In my native language world, “girl” is commendatory term to describe women no matter how old they are. It means young and beautiful. However, in English, “girl” is derogatory term to describe women when she is an adult. It means naive and Ignorant. People live in the same world. However, language is a factor that make a big different when people perceive the world.

2. What are two of your personal co-cultures? My first personal co-culture is I am a non-traditional student in a traditional college. The traditional college student should between 17 and 22. And they do not have family and generally do not work at all. However, I am a 25 years old full time student who has a child, and I have a part time job as well. Of course, I am not a traditional student study with traditional college student. My second personal co-culture is I am a Chinese