Is It A Good Time To Be A Women In America Essay

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Is it a good time to be a woman in America? When comparing the stance of women in society today to the beginning of the nation, there has been nothing but improvement. In all aspects of life, women continue to break barriers that were once impossible to break through years ago. Women have broken into the world of politics, science, and many predominant male fields. This is mainly due to the continually evolving society in America. As the America continues to grow, the opportunities for woman endlessly grow as well. Along with all the progress of women also comes very high scrutiny whether it's for their beauty, positions the work force, or constantly being challenged by male counter-parts.

Due to an ever changing society, the social norm is continually changing day to day. Once perceived as an abomination years ago can be seen as normal today and vice versa as well. For example, years ago it was seen as inappropriate for young ladies and women to be seen without a certain amount of clothing. In today's media, beauty and sex appeal is constantly put in the face of consumers whether it is TV, magazines, or billboards, sex appeal or beauty is used to grasp the attention of the people in our society. There is a direct correlation between women and sales of products (Bortz 1). The beauty of women is used to persuade consumers into buying products. “Hooters”, a very well established sports bar/restaurant, uses provocatively dressed women to attract in the consumer. In everyday lives, it can be seen that those who are more attractive tend to have the upper hand in a lot of situations, especially women. Beauty and attractiveness also brings about the “halo effect”, where an attractive person is perceived to be more kind and intelligent. This in turn would give off a positive representation of a product
Another area in which women are breaking barriers is in the work force. Over the years there has been a growth in the population of women in job field which were once predominantly