Is Jesus Really the Savior Essay

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Nash Chapters 7-11
Is Jesus the Only Savior

Delores Underwood

THEO 313-B02
Dr. Daubert

October 12, 2013

Ronald Nash wrote a book called Is Jesus the Only Savior. It discusses his gathered findings and distinctions between Pluralism and Inclusiveness. This paper will explore some of Ronald Nash’s observations and the arguments, logics and Scripture used to support his writings. This paper will discuss several Religious leaders some pluralist others inclusivists, non-Christians, Christians and their beliefs, philosophies or opinions. In this paper the details of inclusiveness is discussed.
It seems that everyone has a somewhat varied definition of inclusiveness. Nash has in his book that
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So in other words Pinnock is questioning the perfection of God. It seems that each chapter of the book written by Nash was well structured with good flow of information. He moved from topic to topic or other peoples work to Scripture with great flow.
Nash speaks out about the importance of knowing the exact key for salvation. Of course this is one topic discussed here period because it seems each type of belief of religion differ. The compassion shows that Nash wants his readers to understand what is right according to the truth. The Truth, the Word of God! He wrote this book with intentions to express the differences and compare them to what God says. He wrote this book to allow his readers to read without judgment and then of course make some better choices to please God, better their thinking and have salvation.
When Nash speaks about the Scriptures from the book of Acts about Believers being His(God’s) offspring. He also speaks about how God allows choices but has given direction and provision. It is interesting how Nash allows Pinnock his own space to speak although its evident he doesn’t see eye to eye with him. Pinnock is actually negative in many ways as it comes to the scriptures. Nash does point out in chapter 10 how Pinnock seems to have a double-standard. But Pinnock supports whats called a post-mortem evangelism, “this is a