is love worth the cost of lost Essay

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Is Love Worth The Cost Of Loss ?

I really think that means a lot of things like making choices and knowing if those choices are right. And it’s all just hard work you never want to leave you family or someone you love you want to have both and you don’t want to fight over your family and your love one. You want everyone to get along and you really don’t want to fight with your family and love one and you also want your best friends to get along with other people you know .Who will your choose family or love one? Many people choose their family over the people the love and don’t realize what they have done and how they have hurt the one they love and your family and friends may betray them and they feel real dumb and know they don’t got nobody to hold and care about them and all they family wants is to take advantage of your life and don’t want nobody to have them but them and if they do have someone they love it’s got to be their choice which will be someone they don’t love and it will be hard to sit there with someone you don’t love . While you are going though all trouble someone may get hurt and not just your love one but people you are close to and they might think you are doing something wrong or making the wrong choice they want to help you but you don’t want nobody help you and you start making crazy choice and then when you need someone nobody wants to help you cause you was selfish then you have no body to help you and you