Is Mankind Inherently Evil Essay

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There surely is in human nature an inherent prosperity to extract all the good out of all the evil (Benjamin Hayden). Today, we witness events worldwide that seem to depict humankind as evil. Yet, there are individuals all over the world doing the complete opposite. During World War 2, the nations that were part of the Allied Forces saved thousands of innocent lives from people who, driven by hate, sought evil actions. Humankind indefinitely is good because of the way the Allies responded in World War 2, evil being a thing that learned not made, and people going out in the world to help others daily. For twelve years, from 1933 to 1945, citizens of the Jewish religion, Polish Christians, people from Hungary, Germany, and several other countries …show more content…
Well, this answer would be the counterargument. The ones who sought out to harm others and create panic amongst communities- these are the evil people. Major concerns of safety, this is a necessity. Daily, wickedness overcomes individuals and causes them to lash out towards others. To those that believe humankind is inherently evil, people that act this way towards others are viewed as born to be evil and malicious. Robberies, wars, and shootings-by evil people-do provide evidence for the claim that humankind is inherently evil. Nevertheless, people are working every single day to help people that have suffered from encounters with the select few of evil people in the world.
Despite the evidence presented in the previous paragraph, inherently, humankind is good-mainly because evil isn’t born, but made. People that are seen as evil have rooted their wickedness from hate. In contrast, more individuals are working to help people affected by actions from evil people and even natural disasters. During the time of the Holocaust, the members of the Allied forces were these people. There are good deeds- similar types of people-do daily. The amount of supporting evidence to the claim humankind is inherently good trumps the opposite side of the