Is Milk Healthy? Essay

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To Drink Milk or Not to Drink Milk, That is The Question

In this ever evolving world you find more and more computers, gadgets and mechanisms that can benefit or harm a product, and milk is no exception. With evolution comes arguments about right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy and within this article I will show different arguments on each side of the debate table regarding milk. Do you drink milk? Should you not? Do you not drink milk? Should you? Let’s find out:
Production is the start of all of this, it is where the milk is taken from the cows so it can make its way to you, the lovely customer drinking or not drinking the milk. There is a side of the argument that believes milk is something you shouldn’t be drinking, let’s call them the “non-drinkers” and for the people who drink milk, of course we will call them the “drinkers”. The non-drinkers in this debate believe that production is an inhuman act that overworks cows to the point of exhaustion and illness. Non-drinkers say that the process of milking a cow in production can lead to serious stress on the animal and is torture. The drinkers say differently, they say that production is a safe, efficient, high-technology way to safely receive milk from a cow in a way that does not harm or hurt the cow.
When it comes to processing there is not as much said about what is good and what is bad about this step in the milking industry, but there are a few things that each side of the argument often highlights. The drinkers say that in the processing of the milk, the milk is cleaned of any harsh chemicals that could be within the milk to create a very safe product for the consumer to drink. These drinkers say that this process is the most sterile part of the production, ensuring no germs or chemicals are in the milk to harm…