Is Pornography Ethical Or Ethical

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Executive Summary
This report challenges the question of whether pornography is morally ethical or unethical and how society views it today. There were three key ethical theories used to related and cross-examine to see and understand the different views of pornography and how each ethical theory provides a different reasoning behind it. Whether pornography is ethical or unethical in society, this research paper provides you with concrete examples of why our society feels the way they do about pornography and what has influenced those decisions. Pornography can be depicted into so many different forms of sexual arousal and this is the basis for examining what is right or wrong within our society. There are many different factors
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We have to look at how many people find that porn provides happiness to them versus how many people are offended by it. If there are more people happy, then with this theory, it would be ethical. “The best estimates indicate that 77 percent of Americans view pornography at least once a month” (LifeSiteNews, 2012) If this many people are viewing porn at least once a month, than it clearly is not offending them.
Based on these facts, porn is ethical providing that there are a greater number of people happy from it than offended. I personally feel as though porn is something that is completely normal and healthy. Yes, there are certain genres of porn that I personally find degrading or offensive, but who am I to say that it is wrong for someone else to like it. Some people may find homosexual pornography as offensive, where some homosexual people would find heterosexual pornography as offensive. “…utilitarianism requires moral commitment to the happiness of all people. It promotes “the greatest good (happiness) for the greatest number.” An action, therefore, is ethical if it will result in the greatest amount of overall happiness possible for the greatest number of people who will be affected by it.” (McLachlan, 2009)
Divine Command Theory
Religion plays a huge role in the way society views pornography. In the bible, there are no direct references to pornography itself, but to sexual acts, thus interpreting the bible telling us to be sexually pure. Pornography is