Is Rewarding a Child Leads Them Into Bribery? Essay

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In childhood education, psychologists argue that rewarding a child to reinforce positive behavior can in the later stages of their life, lead to an inclination of bribery.
Do you think the theory is true? Support your opinion.

Nowadays, people are trying to teach admirable behaviors by rewarding their children because of their submissive behaviors. But rewarding children will cause adverse habits in the later stages of our children`s lives like intending for bribery. I personally think that rewarding children in the later stages of their lives may cause high expectations, selfish behaviors and self seeker people. The first reason why rewarding will make children intended for bribery in the long run is that after being businessmen, doctors or a member of other professions, people will hope for being rewarded because of their performance. Therefore, these expectations will be an obstacle in their professional life. To be more precise unless there is an award, they do not want to do their jobs. Thus, different ways for earning money will be attractive to these people. After this level bribery will be unavoidable for people who have high expectations. The second reason why rewarding affects their children in bad ways is that after every rewarding, children wait for a better award than previous one. Therefore, they will hope more valuable rewards such as much more money, a better car or home. However, these hopes will not be real every time and it causes big disappointments. Some people who are ambitious look for illegal ways to earn money and rewarding children will be a