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School uniforms should not be required because they do not benefit families. It also brings stress on children and their families . Also it brings financial burdens on some families too there has been a lot of research done on opinion’s on school uniforms. For or against uniforms i found uniforms to make a very controversial arguments .

Personally in my opinion one big reason that i don't think uniforms should be required to any students is the stress that it brings the students and brings their families . I don't think schools should add unnecessary stress on their students or their families because of the uniform requirement . It’s not only causing families and students not to like the school because of the uniform requirement . it also makes the school look bad which means the schools student count will begin lower which would make uniforms a lose lose situation for both the schools and students so it does not benefit any party .

in some research schools gave some reasons why they chose to have uniforms . One of the big reasons that stood out to me was in an article by meredith G from she stated that school thinks uniforms prevents discrimination in the student bodie . Discrimination of students with less than others . Which means students with low income families will be bullied or discriminated against by the students with higher income families which is a valid reasons why uniforms should be enforced in schools .

How ever i also did some research on how uniforms affect low income families . which lead me to an article by Wilde, Marian on . Which gave pros and cons on uniforms and one big con made me realize uniforms