Is Seperate but Equal Fair Essay

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Are you African American? If you say yes then how would you feel walking to school meanwhile white kids ride the bus? Do you feel injustice and unfairness the air? This question has been asked more than once is separate but equal fair? I say no it is not even a bit. That’s how things went on in Mississippi during the 1930-1933.African Americans were not treated equally Therefore the law separate but equal is not true. The reason that I say that is not true is because African American people have to go to school in church while white kids have their own school. Secondly African Americans cannot vote in elections. Third and most important of all African Americans are spent less money on.
For my first reason African American people and white people go to different schools. African American people pay taxes just like whites and more of the tax money goes towards whites then African Americans. White children get to ride the bus on the other hand African American people have to walk to school which some leave the house at sunrise and return not until sunset. Things are overpriced for African Americans so that they will stay in debt to the whites. Some African Americans are sharecroppers that means they live, work and eat in someone else’s land. Sharecroppers only get a small portion of the production in other words African Americans are in dept to the land owner’s which are seventy-five out of a hundred are white.

For my second reason African Americans do not have the right to vote. The right to vote has been denied for many African Americans just because of their race. African Americans have to pay taxes but yet are not allowed to vote. African Americans were not hired to many jobs and were refused. African Americans were not allowed to own a home and have to rent. African Americans are not allowed to go to the same places or seat in