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Is she too old to be pregnant?

According to recently data analyses, the average age of advance age parturient women increased from 30 years old to 40 years old. More and more successful women are willing to give a birth when they are 40. But the woman in the New York magazine, who has a white hair and a little slouch, got pregnant. At first, I was a little shocked, but in my opinion, a woman no matter elder or young all have the right to raise a child.
At present, we do not need to concern about medical technology can make the elder woman get pregnant or not. Instead, I think each individual has to assess their situation in life, how much energy they have, their mental health, etc. And the elder women do not have the age limit. In china, the government releases the women to have second child policy recently, more and more women want to get pregnant, it is not hard to see more old women desired to have a child.
Secondly, the elder women living standards have been considerably enhanced, so she have lots of energy and lots of time to devote to her child, and she is financially secure. And a woman maybe 50 or 65, she is also mature enough to feed a child and she does not have to worry about lack of life experiences. At the same time, the children will get a better education.
Last but not least, I think the woman in the New York magazine is already mentally prepared, she is expecting to give a birth. She is brave enough to get pregnant, so she has motivation to raise a baby.…