Is Standardized Testing Unnecessary

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Standardized Testing
Standardized testing can be unnecessary in many ways. Students all over the world are labored into taking unrealistic standardized tests. Students, teachers, and parents can all feel pressured during this time, which is not good at all. Many say that these tests, improving our world and are only preparing children for the real world, statistics show that school standardized testing causes nothing but stress.Schools are being forced to test students in unrealistic ways. These tests cause students to feel pressured, waste taxpayers money and time, and don't provide feedback for the teachers or students. The term testing isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when a child's future life is put at stake, things are taken to a
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The feedback comes much too late. After taking a standardized test often the results don't come in until months later, when the students have new teachers. Eva Moskowitz says that it took an average of 43 minutes to grade 60 tests. A state test administrator, said that their reasoning for the late tests is because they have so many tests to grade. Plus the test results are much too vague. When the scores do come in though, students are often confused because of their score. Say a straight A student got a test score of 70% they would most likely be wondering why. These test do the same thing. Standardized tests come back with no explanation as to what the student got wrong. Because the students don't know what they got wrong the student has no way of improving. Even if the student can no longer change their score it will help them in the future if they are taught how to do it. Or at these know what they got wrong. This offers no chance for improvement and they are just likely to get the exact same thing wrong on the next test. In conclusion, test feedback just isn't enough to help students …show more content…
Students feel overly pressured which can cause stress, this leads to cheating and lying. Time is slowly ticking away and this is something children and really anyone can never get back and all these tests are doing is wasting those precious minutes. Plus the feedback we get from these tests are not providing enough information for students, leaving them no room for improvement. But we can help. If students are tested in different groups based on what environment they feel most comfortable in, students will test better, I know this from experience. The less pressured the students feel, the more likely students are to do better on their tests. We could make this whole situation so much better if the tests simply came back sooner. And maybe with the help of the community, we could help make a better testing experience for the next generation of human