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To start with, it’s almost certain that any noteworthy new technology would be expected to transform the community or at least to represent the ability to change society, for worse or better.[1] It is highly believed that particularly during the opening stages of the implementation of a specific technology some social change would take place on the basis of the implicit values, vices or virtues held by that technology. According to Merritt and Marx (1994), technological determinism is simply the view that new techniques set the circumstances for social and cultural change. Further, taking the above discussion into consideration this particular paper provides an insight into the fact that how changes in technology has brought about significant and constructive social and cultural changes

Technological Determinism

Technological determinism is basically a theory which deals with diminution and it presupposes that the technology within a society encourages the cultural as well as social values of a particular society.[2] Technological determinism states that media technology moulds the way how individuals within a particular society think, act, feel and also, how the society functions when there is a shift from one technological period to the other. Technological determinism proposes that technology advances and fades away from the community however eventually it has impacts on the society.[3] Moreover, technological determinism holds that technical advancement progresses through a single procedure but would ultimately bring about technological progress. Additionally, the majority of explanations of technological determinism encompass two general views.[4] Firstly, the development and advancement of technology itself tags along a foreseeable, observable course greatly beyond political or cultural influence. Secondly, technology in turn influences societies which are inherent, instead of socially produced or conditioned since that society arranges itself to assist and further progress a technology when it has been launched. Additionally, technological determinism is the foundation wherein the association amid the technology and society is developed.[5] It’s a vital matter as it is widespread and leaves people with the idea that technology isn’t anything unachievable. It also assumes that in case if individuals, companies and societies begin observing technology from a constructive outlook, then other parts of the companies and the society would follow suit.[6]

Moving ahead, the technological determinism arises in two distinct forms namely; soft and hard determinists. First of all, the hard determinists state that technology develops from social beliefs of a particular society. It implies that it’s up to the individuals to modify in order to make sure that they could satisfy the needs of technology and also, that they don’t have any control over the upshot of the company. According to this, technology is powerful and holds the capability to control the concerns and social lives of the people. Secondly, the soft determinism holds a more passive view on technology in contrast to the hard determinists. It holds a diverse outlook on the way the political and social and conditions interrelate with the technology. Soft determinists consider that the evolution is entirely directed through technology but there exists the opportunity for individuals to make a decision regarding what the result of the particular condition would be.[7]

Taking a step ahead, the theory of technological determinism states that the society as a whole has changed to great extent and the chief reason behind this is the change and introduction of technology.[8] The theory advocates that as the technology changes, the society also changes since it is affects how an individual thinks, feels and operates.[9] Moreover, this theory further proposes that the key reason this occurs is due to communication and also, that the technology