Is Telivision the Best Invetion Essay

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Toormina High School - English Faculty Programs (Stage 5)

Focus Area: Film Unit: Tim Burton Director Study Fairbairn 2009 Term 3 weeks 1-6 Year: 9E6 Band: C

| |
|Outcomes: A student: |
|1. Responds to and composes increasingly sophisticated and sustained texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis and pleasure. |
|2. Uses and critically assesses a range of processes for responding and composing. |
|3. Selects, uses, describes and explains how different technologies affect and shape meaning. |
|4. Selects and uses language forms and features, and structures of texts according to different purposes, audiences and contexts, and |
|describes and explains their effects on meaning. |
|5. Transfers understanding of language concepts into new and different contexts. |
|6. Experiments with different ways of imaginatively and interpretively transforming experience, information and ideas into texts. |
|7. Thinks critically and interpretively using information, ideas and increasingly complex arguments to respond to and compose texts in a |
|range of contexts. |
|8. Makes investigates the relationships between and among texts. |
|9. Demonstrates understanding of the ways texts reflect personal and public worlds. |
|10. Questions, challenges and evaluates cultural assumptions in texts and their effects on meaning. |
|11. Uses, reflects on and assesses and adapts their individual and collaborative skills for learning with increasing independence and |
|effectiveness. |

|Week |Outcome/ |Teaching and Learning Activities |Homework |Assessment/ |
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