Is The American Dream A Myth Summary

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The American dream is often seen as unachievable by immigrants due to the many obstacles that they face. While it is true that it may be challenging for immigrants, it is far from impossible. It's all about getting an education and developing good relationships with key people in your field. Also knowing people who are willing to share their knowledge, and having the ability to put that to use. Another key element is keeping a clean record. Achieving the American dream can be nearly impossible as an immigrant. Especially with a lack of a good education. Tracy Elizabeth, the writer of “Is the American Dream a Myth?” states in her work on immigrants in Florida:
‘Tourism and agriculture are two of the major industries that contribute to
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It cannot be expected to land a good high-paying job with little to no education or effort. Many state they can't afford college or even high school. However, there are many opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Elizabeth mentions,
‘Federal law guarantees the right of all students, regardless of immigration status, to a high school education. Throughout the country the policies regarding residency requirements vary greatly. Some states define [the] residency requirement as simply "physical presence and intent to stay." (Is the American dream a
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Kate McFarlin, Writer of Importance of Relationships in the Workplace States,”There are many benefits that can be reaped by good relationships in the workplace.” One of the best ways to guarantee failure is to break the law. Ruth Graham, the writer of How Criminal Records Hold Americans Back proclaims, “For most people who are arrested and charged with a crime, the most serious consequence is the record that’s created.” Having a clean criminal record can make or break your application. Often employers see the criminal charge and immediately throw the application away. Some say employers don't check criminal records, but statistics beg to differ.
A 2010 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed that a whopping 92% of responding employers conducted criminal records checks on at least some job candidates, and 73% said that they conducted criminal records checks on all candidates ( Lisa Guerin, J.D., Getting Hired With an Arrest or Conviction