Is The American Dream Argumentable

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Kendall Upshaw
Ms. Layne
Period. 2
In this argumentive essay I will defend that the American dream is still accessible. To focus directly on issues related to the American dream; a good education, a safe and affordable place to live, a good job and a bright future. But the role of the government is to help all Americans achieve the dream. The National League of Cities found that two- thirds of Americans believe the American dream is becoming harder to achieve, especially for young families, and that poor quality public education and financial insecurity are the most significant barriers. To me I think if a person feels that the government isn’t helping you like they should get together with others and start a movement called no child left behind. If everyone focused for the rest of time on the range of issues from the equity and opportunity, to democratic governance, from homeland security to public finance, from leadership training to international challenges. Like I said earlier in the essay about the no child left behind we as people should gather as friends to share ideas, talk about what has happened in the past years and learn from it.
Once again I still think the American dream accessible due to the center of the American dream being a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote sustainable consumption. The center seeks to change the way Americans produce and consume, in order to lessen our harmful impact on the natural environment, while improving our quality of life as individuals, families and communities. Environmentalist and social activist found a concern that the traditional American dream, which defines success and status through ever expanding possessions, is socially, economically, environmentally unstable. Basically all I’m saying is that the American dream might be harder to achieve but it is still achievable through education and anything else that makes it achievable. At the age I am now the American dream is like my future goals in life. It’s like taking steps to achieve it. Right now I’m still on my first step which is to get my education then on to my next step, then the next on my American dream.
The American dream is still accessible by what also America makes it. For example, think about people who make their way up the board with promotions or just wanting it more because they feel they can go higher than others in success. To me that’s what America and the American dream is all about. President Obama said the definition of the American dream is “the true genius of American, a faith in the simple dreams, that we can tuck in our children at night and know they are fed and clothed and safe