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Is the quality of child care important? If it is important, is it important to our society as a whole, or does it only matter to the parents of children that are, or will be, enrolled in child care? Child care requirements vary greatly from state to state, and after researching the requirements for many states, I have chosen Arkansas as the basis for my report. I chose Arkansas because there are more minimum standards regulations than most of the other states I researched

The Child Care Facility Licensing “Act” is the statutory authority for licensing child care facilities in the state of Arkansas. This Act created the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education, and authorized the Division to establish the minimum licensing requirements for child care centers. The Division is responsible to establish the rules and regulations for operating a child care facility, to include insurance requirements, background and criminal check requirements, procedures to follow if a complaint is filed against any person working with children, as well as procedures to follow if a complaint is found to be valid. The Division also has a preferred unit that is responsible to notify federal agencies when violations against ADA, EPA and civil rights have occurred. Organization and Administration

Administration Procedures
It is the responsibility of the owner and/or Board of Directors to insure that their facility meets all licensing requirements. Written procedures are required for reporting suspected child maltreatment (verbal/emotional/physical/sexual abuse, neglect), and procedures must be followed by a call to a child abuse hotline. A report must be filed if allegations are made by parents, staff members, or anyone in the general public. A written procedure is also required for reporting suspected licensing violations, with serious violations reported to the licensing unit. Upon enrollment, parents are to be informed, in