Is There Something Meaningful About Sending Humans To Space

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Is there something meaningful about sending humans to space?
“No pain, no gain…” a famous saying that revolves around the idea that progress requires sacrifice. Many ancient philosophers and idealist were punished by their society because they were deifying the era’s practice. Yet, without them we wouldn’t know the world was a sphere or that the earth revolved around the sun. Space science allows us to do things that we haven’t planned of. As time passes planet Earth is also overcrowding. Because of the much important developments taking place in space it is crucial that humans don’t shut down the human space exploration project. Artificial intelligence is arguably fruitless. The time and money spent on developing these droids capable of being intellectual is unproductive and wasteful. Instead the same time and money can be used to research more parpharelinal subjects like artificial limbs and environment friendly fuel sources. Dr. Shepard, one of the people at control center during the mars mission wrote in his public diary, “The sadness that lurked to and fro us whenever the module extended its grapples only to be too short of the object, and if only I had been there, I could’ve solved that problem.” Dr. Shepard meant that the only thing that robots wired with artificial intelligence can do is observe, they cannot research. This is also the same reason robots do not fill in the spot of humans in labs, because they cannot research.
Space exploration has also developed many theories and inventions. When you’re in space more research regarding physics and gyro-thehnics, the science of momentum propelling objects, can be taken since normal