Is this real, or are you dreaming? Essay

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November 25, 2013 Is this real, or are you dreaming? Have you ever wanted to see a movie, but didn't know what genre? There are so many different movies constantly being showed at the theater at one time, so the decision of picking a movie can be difficult! How about picking a movie that contains action, romance, drama, and even comedy. Not many movies are complex enough to fulfill all of your cinematic needs, but Inception will always deliver! Inception evokes a roller coaster of emotions that takes one through a complex journey. Inception is able to do all of this due to its superb special effects, portraying the plot with unique music, and having an in depth plot with many twists! Inception, released in 2010 by Warner Bros, came into production under the direction of the famous Christopher Nolan (best known for his Batman trilogy). Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief that commits very unique crimes. Cobb skillfully invades into other peoples' dreams to steal information. Although he is a master at the subconscious, his real dream is to make it back home to his children (an accident happened that made him have to flee from the country leaving his children under their grandparent's care.) Cobb is then presented with any opportunity by a famous entrepreneur named Saito (Ken Watanabe) that gives him a chance! If Cobb successfully performs inception on a rival of his, Saito will get Cobb safely into the country to see his kids. Cobb then puts together a team to help him perform this near impossible task. However, things don't go so smoothly when they are trying to perform inception on victim Robert Fischer (Cilian Murphy) Cobb and his team is faced with many consequences as his victim's subconscious devises a ruthless attack against his group. “If you’re going to perform inception, you need imagination.”say character Eames “the forger” (Tom Hardy). Will he have enough imagination to make it out of the dream a live? Inception is filled with action packed scenes that take place in the human mind. To make this dream-like state a reality to the viewers, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould had to use creaive ways to make the actors appear they are walking on walls or even defying the laws of physics ( Actors would have to train for weeks just to master one fight scene! As Corbould states, "It's one thing to have a fight; it's another thing to have a fight in a rotating room" ( Actors and coordinators have put in a lot of work just to make the physical appearance of a dream seem real, and it payed off! Nolan has created a new standard with creativity with this film. Not only does it have difficult fight scenes, but they are also visually lush and imaginative. Nolan has the brilliant ability to transform any action scene to something brand new: fight scenes into puzzles, and chasing down the stairs into a whirling paradox. One scene definitely stood out in this film in particular. Have you ever heard of a a fight scene with out gravity? Well you wouldn't unless you have watched this film because it is the only film to attempt it. But, how is that even possible to be fighting with zero-gravity? Well, Nolan pulls this scene off flawlessly with his spectacular visual effects. As Matt Goldberg wrote in his review,”Watching a fight without gravity is incredible. It’s not like in The Matrix where a character can defy gravity if they choose. The fight scene in Inception has no gravity to defy and Arthur (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the team’s point man, has to figure out how to achieve his objective while fending off projections” ( Not convinced this a movie to see? Well, maybe the multiple Oscar awards will intrigue you! Inception has won four Oscars and visual effects is one of them! Another strong point of Inception is its ear warming and sensational soundtrack. Composer Hans Zimmer