Community College Research Paper

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Lana Caver
December16, 2013
English 12

Is This The Right School?
When you graduate from high school, all you think about is going to that right college. Then you began to wonder, like “can I afford a University for four years?” or “should I go to a Community College?” This is the question a lot of teens ask around America every year. Now that you have the thought on your mind you can’t stop thinking about it. All your four years of school wasn’t that good and you may not meet the requirements for a University. Just because you didn’t do that well doesn’t mean you can’t still get an education. If you go to a Community College for about two years you can get your GPA up and get all your pre-recs done. By that time you can then go to a University for the last two years and still be able to follow your dreams. Going to a Community College doesn’t mean you’re dumb or you’re not as good as the next. You just decided to take the smarter route to get you up to par so that when you do go to a University you wouldn’t be in shock. Going to a community college has a more flexible schedule says an Article from “Many students don't realize that if they plan on working while attending school, Community College is hands down, the best option. They offer far more night classes than other universities and more schedule options. The workload, unfortunately, is lighter than a state school or private university and attendance is not usually required.” ( Another reason a Community College would be a good idea is that maybe you don’t have the money for it. You just graduated you high school and finically you or your parents just can’t afford it. Many may say “You can take out student loans or you can go on FAFSA”. What many fail to realize is that some people don’t meet the qualifications to get a full grant that they pay for all four years. If you have older siblings then it’s going to be even harder because your parents have already took out loans for them and maybe they haven’t paid them back yet. About 37 million students still have outstanding student loans. Which shows that going to a University would just add more stress and debt on your parents. Going to a four Year University isn’t a bad thing though. You can get all the effects of the college life, living on dorms and experiencing something other than the high school life. You can get all kinds of scholarships and some people will even sponsor you. You can travel to a different state even a different country if you want to