Is US Foreign Assistance Really Just Foreign Interference?

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U.S Foreign Assistance is more harmful than helpful
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In the article “Is U.S Foreign Assistance Really Just Foreign Interference?” by Sarah Reynolds, Reynolds states that the habit of America’s involvement with other countries will only be a threat to the future of Americans. She mentions how United States forces democracy on countries they intervene with. She also explains how U.S. is basically buying their friendship with the other countries. Lastly, Reynold states that it has seemed that America has forgotten George Washington telling the United States to stay away from permanent alliances. I agree with Reynold, although it is humane to helping poor foreign countries, America should first look-out for its own citizens before looking up for other. Also remember to not make permanent alliances that would cause us unnecessary war, and remember that we cannot fix every countries problem.
United States should first fix the issues they have themselves before helping other countries. Many people in United States are suffering from poverty. They are struggling to have food and shelter, yet alone a stable income. Imagine to a family that is struggling to survive because of financial issues, giving a homeless half of their whole family income. That would not make any sense because the family might become homeless themselves. How can United States wants to help other countries, they need to first build a strong country of its own before giving up any type of aids.
United States’ involvement with other countries will cause them unnecessary wars. When United State makes permanent alliances, they are setting themselves up for enemies and unnecessary war. Even if the enemies of the alliances are good friends with United States, they don’t have a choice but to attack United States. Similar to when you are committed to a sports team, the other team becomes your rival, even if your