Is Walmart Good For America Analysis

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Is Walmart Good For America? Directed/ Written by Hendrick Smith & Rick Young The argument in Is Wal-mart Good for America is over what is clearly addressed in the title; whether this corporation that millions of United States citizens shop at is truly good for our country. This documentary reaches out to all of America, families, and any workers in involved in the franchise. The author get his message across by showing the pros and cons of this billion dollar corporation. To begin the narrator addresses the positive impacts that Wal-mart has on our economy. Wal-mart indirectly increases the income of America's citizens because of the low prices it provides the consumers of their products. When consumers can go to the super store of Wal-mart and spend a significant less amount of money due to the items being purchased being cheaper than if purchased at another store their salary is worth more; they can purchase more goods at the store to feed their families or they can spend the excess money in other marketplaces such as restaurants, car dealerships, and other marketplaces that can be helped by an increase in customers. Though this benefits a plethora of Americans the reasons that these prices are so low may outweigh the benefits. Wal-mart has such low prices due to many factors; all of which are negative. The first one being that almost all goods sold in the store are manufactured in China and other such small countries. These countries do not have labor laws and regulations so the workers are treated terribly; they are forced to work extremely long hours for extremely low wages in extremely awful working conditions. The salaries the workers receive are not even enough to pay for living expenses which is why they live on the worksite in cramped rooms with subpar food choices. Wal-mart is also always using their power in order to put companies in extremely sticky situations shown by the effect they had on Rubbermaid; a company that makes things such as bowls, garbage cans, and storage bins. They were in business with Wal-mart for an extended period of