Is3220 Project Part 1 Essay

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IS 3220 IT Infrastructure Security
Project Part 1: Network Survey
Project Part 2: Network Design
Project Part 3: Network Security Plan
ITT Technical Institute

Project Part 1: Network Survey
Network Design and Plan
Executive Summary:
We have been engaged in business for some time, and have been very successful, however we need to re-examine our network configuration and infrastructure and identify that our network defenses are still reliable, before we make any changes. We need to take a hard look at our current configuration of host, services and our protocols within our organization. Data from a large number of penetration tests in recent years show most corporate networks share common vulnerabilities. Many of these
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When project is complete we should have a more secure network infrastructure with better reporting and monitoring. Our policies and procedures should be clear and enforceable. Our new products should provide intelligence and mitigate threats in the future.
SOFTWARE COSTS AND PROFESSIONAL FEES * Software fees for NetWitness Investigator Enterprise per unit are $5,325.99, will need to purchase additional license fees. * WireShark is a free open source product, other services for as support will be additional cost, will have that cost outlined in Executive Summary Report. * Hardware, such as new Web Servers, Cisco Switches, Routers, will be outlined in separate report. * New Anti-Virus Software cost for organization will be gathered and forward to CIO.

* * This is a list of the items I found while running the scan: * A few Alerts, such as Non-routable IP’s and possible malware * Services: HTTP, DNS, SMTP and SNMP * Source IP addresses * Destination IP addresses * Hostname Aliases * Email addresses * Found regular file extensions, such as: * Htm, php, gif, exe, ico, xml, jpg
Hosts within the packet Trace: * – Hacker / Bad Guy * FTP Requests * TCP Requests * – Web Server * FTP Service for sales documentation * TCP Service for web page * DNS Requests * – DNS * DNS Service for authentication
Protocols Used