Is3340 Unit 1 Assignment

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The simulation I did The First 48, which is the first link on the midterm page. My impression of the simulation was that it was a engaging and delightful experience. The simulation made me feel like I was a real detective trying find the perpetrator, who murdering all of these innocent women. I liked how fast paced the simulation was, and how the timer was counting down to 48 hours was so stressful because I want to solved the case before it went cold. During the autopsy, it was very detailed on explaining the bruises/marks on the victims and the causes of death. It was easy to navigate through the entire simulation, and when I was stucked, I used the case task to figure out what to do next. I thought it was really smart that they added …show more content…
During the investigation, I learned where the perpetrator might lived around the area where the murders occurred. I also learned that it is important to gather the main evidences than investigate every item around the area. For example, I checked a room that had no evidence and was not useful to the crime, I also checked garbage cans but the simulation says that it could be check later. What I found important is when there was concrete information, it was easy to catch the perpetrator lying with all the given evidences. I found it easier to piece out and find all the evidence, find out who was the killer.

What I did not like about the simulation was the interrogation was too bland, the detective was too straightforward. The answers received from interrogation were not really useful, for example the escaped victim said that the suspect had a shaved head and it was hard to tell the age. The video that I got from the perpetrator showed that he had a shaved head and I also wondered why we couldn’t trace where the video was coming from. I found it difficult to find what I was looking for in the autopsy because the bruise was similar to the skin color of the