Is3350 Unit 2 Assignment

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Jonathan has been learning household rules and started to learn what not to do at a restaurant. The teacher observed that Jonathan was having some difficulty making friends with the other kids and often seemed to be playing alone or on the fringes of a group. She thought this would improve with time in preschool over the summer, and recommended more adult-supervised small group play activities. Some small group activities I have the children try is tag, stuck in the mud, and hide and seek. At times teachers and classmates had a hard time understanding what Jonathan was saying and Jonathan was getting frustrated about it. Some activities I can do with Jonathan is making him read to me and learn how to pronounce the words. Jonathan got whiny at times over little …show more content…
If Jonathan had parents that knew english and another language that was part of their culture, more than likely he would learn both languages. I learned this from lectures and hearing classmates who had a different culture than mine. Learning from lectures if Jonathan had parents who were alcoholics, the chance of him being abused goes up significantly than having parents (my wife and I) who are not alcoholics. Jonathan could be aggressive with other children because he is being abused at home. He feels like this is normal and everyone should be abused because he is learning this at home. I wish I knew a different language just incase if there is a chance that more people speak a different language at school besides english. I would be more strict on certain things like treating a women right and never hitting someone unless it’s playing a contact sport. I would teach my child to be independent but at the sametime be cooperative. I want my child to learn this because he needs to take care of himself, but at the same time lean on someone that he marries. I learned this is important from my