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Justin Burnison
IS4560 Unit 1 Assignment 1 Web-Based attacks – In 2009, the most common web attack were those related to malicious PDFs. The attack is simple, host a PDF file that people would want on an easily sharable website (lets say lotto numbers for the next year), and install in that pdf malicious code to install a key logger. The problem with this is that it spreads so easily. Any PDF can be infected, and potentially bypass most security programs. Data Breaches – This is a simple explanation. This is anytime when confidentiality has been broken and anyone can view sensitive data. Not only can this steal a customer’s identity, but it will also damage the reliability of the company. The most malicious part about this sort of attack is that data breaches can be caused by a myriad of different ways. Unauthorized access, malicious software, social engineering, and theft of devices are all examples of a way this sort of breach can be accomplished. Bot-infected Computers – This is a big one, one of the problems with bot-infected PC’s in your environment is that it can bog down your network traffic as they just spam out data. Whether it’s things that are being typed, or spamming out emails, the end result is a slow network. The second result is that these also tend to get your email accounts banned from many different companies when your accounts are sending spam. Which means, if your CFO needs to contact Chase Bank about a problem, and the email is flagged as spam, that email will not get to Chase.

IS4560 Lab 1
1) Reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, covering tracks.
2) Google and Facebook are both my friends.
3) Google and Facebook. Ping, NSlookup, Dsploit (For when I walk in to ‘use the restroom’ with my phone.).
4) I can find out details about the individuals in the company using Google and Facebook. From there, I’m able to make a phone call into the company and get to a…