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22 St Marys Close
Home Bargains Newton Abbot
Greenhill Way Retail Park Devon
Kingsteignton Phone number: 07541 761450
Newton Abbot Email:
TQ12 3AF
Saturday 16th August 2014
Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you to enquire about the possibility of securing a place as part of your staff at your Newton Abbot branch, as part of a job search that I have undertaken. My name is Joseph Pope and, being a teenager aged fourteen and going into Year 10, it is the time which people like me will have to send out letters to apply for the chance to gain a space in the working staff in shops such as yourselves. As I am sure you are experiencing, there is a huge desire to have the opportunity to work in a shop which provides the experience and skills that your shop has however I would find it very beneficial and grateful if you were to accept my enquiry into a job. The reasons why I feel that I would be suitable for a job in your shop is because I think that I have the right characteristics. Due to my love of food and drink, I would find an opportunity to work in a shop like yours, with the vast range of skills and opportunities to develop as a person hard to turn down. Not only would I learn many new skills and techniques, I feel that I am a very polite and thoughtful young individual which would be a match for any job such as yourselves and I sure that this contribute to a highly-beneficial and respectful workplace and creating a relationship with both my fellow colleagues and indeed customers which would be kind and courteous. When it comes to my personal interests and hobbies, I am a person who has interests in the catering profession and I feel that if I was given the opportunity to work in a place which provides things which are aimed at catering, I think this would be very beneficial. When it comes to my personal interests and hobbies, I am a person who likes public interactions and I think that if I was to get a job in your shop then this would be suited to my tastes and be beneficial for the future. I would want to stack shelves in your shop or sort out stock in the store room. I would like to gain experience in retail so that I can take that on to University. Alongside the core subjects, I have chosen German, Chinese, Geography and