Isaac Newton and later Middle Ages Essay

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age of Napoleon

The most significant person from the time of the later Middle Ages to the Age of Napoleon was Sir Isaac Newton who was born on the 4th of January , 1643 . Newton 's discovery of the laws of motion and his work on the formulas surrounding those laws are the foundation of modern motion technology which govern anything man-made that moves (Gleick , 2003 He also laid the foundations of calculus , a branch of mathematics which have since had innumerable applications in business , medicine engineering , and computer science (Christianson , 1984 . Lastly , Newton imparted significant

input on the subject optics , inventing the reflecting telescope built on principles that are still being used today (Belinsky , 2000 . Newton 's discoveries and contributions to the different fields of science undoubtedly continue to exceed his lifetime They remain as significant now as they were then and no one else in his era had been able to influence the world and its men of science more than Sir Isaac Newton

I believe that the most significant event from the time of the later Middle Ages to the Age of Napoleon was the American declaration of independence on the 4th of July , year 1776 . The declaration of independence made possible the rise of the greatest , most powerful nation in the world , a nation that would participate in great events during and passed Napoleon 's time . The United States of America became a founding member of the United Nations , the most important international body in the world . It has also made significant contributions in ending the Second World War with the atomic bomb . Currently , the U .S . remains to be at the lead of global politics , brokering agreements with potentially dangerous countries like North Korea , and helping secure world peace

The most important piece of literature from the time of the later Middle Ages to the Age of Napoleon was Wycliffe 's Bible . This version of the Catholic bible appeared approximately from 1380 to1390 .This version is the best