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Isaiah Kerlegan


Extended Essay

In my project which was a 2-3 month period, I helped a 6th grader better his footwork, agility, and speed to train for the upcoming football season. My role and position was to be a teacher and teach him the fundamentals and some skills I have developed as a football player to try and help him with his game. Doing this will give me a taste of how it will be like to be a physical trainer later in my life and would help me with my personal management skills. Helping him made me better understand the time and hard work it will take to be successful after high school.

Starting off, we started planning out some outlines and wrote out personal goals Tyler had and goals I had then tried to fulfill these goals. Using Teamwork We looked at goals short and long term he could achieve in the season. His short term goals were to better his footwork, speed and cuts. My short term goals were to see how quickly he can improve. His long term goals were to get 12 touchdowns and average 100 yards a game. My long term goals were to see if he would ask me to help him next football season and tell his friends about me. When using communication, we made a schedule of when we would do footwork drills, and a day where we do speed workouts. We base the schedule of when we were both available. We decided after our homework was completed is when we would workout, which was around 5 and ended around 6:30. Workouts usual were at Lexington since both our houses were close.

Some of the problems arose when I started to work at McDonalds. Instead of working out 5 times a week it went down to 3. This made his development longer so instead of the original plan of 2-3 months it went up to 4.It also meant that I had to get different drills because we also had some added time. Another problem was also him having summer baseball. We had to use problem solving to move workouts to 6 which mean less light time, so instead of working out for 1:30, we only had an hour which also means fewer breaks in-between drills. All in all, these two problems didn’t affect his game. I helped him with running back drills because that was the position I played on my football team. Learning from some of my coaches I used Employment Foundation so he can have the same mindset I have. By bringing what I know to the game versus what he knew, he turned into an amazing player.

Communication was an important aspect when helping someone betters themselves. If you don’t say the exact thing you want them to do they will never learn what you want them to learn? I would communicate after every game the positive and negatives. I