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Is College Worth It?

Is college worth it? This is a question students start to ask as the college cost and jobs are harder to get. Although getting accepted into college is a good start, the students themselves need to be motivated, talented, and dedicated in order to make the cost of college worth it and become successful in the future. The education students receive from college will benefit the in many ways. College education can raise students chances of economic success in the future. According to, “The Economist” students who pick a harder subject are more likely to make more money than a average person with just a high school diploma. Engineering would be a best subject to pick. An engineering graduate from the university of California, Berkeley can expect to be nearly $1.1 million dollars better off after twenty years than someone who never went to college. It also states that art and humanities are well varied also. Some degrees pay for themselves while others don't. Engineering for ample is a great route to take if a student wanted to make good money. What is a pay scale? The economist displays a chart that tells the estimates for financial returns of different degrees. This pay scale tells a lot, and its very helpful and useful. Students can go off this information and make a better decision when it comes to a degree, and a good paying jo. In comparison it compares to those of people who did not go to college as well. The cost of universities per student has risen by almost five times the rate of inflation since 1983. This pay scale can really have a major difference on a students life. Sometimes going for a second better major than the first, not only will help but get that student where they want to be. “Community colleges play a key role helping students increase their employability and achieve individual potential”. This wa stated in the article “Value meets Value”. Community colleges promote economic growth to the U.S in so many ways: a primary source of education, residents and supplies of trained workers to business and industry. Lastly they attract new international students. Community college bring great impacts, for example: the education and training in the workforce. After entering college students go into the workforce with great new skills. More students are being employed thanks to college. Students ass about $806.4 billion to the income for the U.S economy, as stated in “value meets values”. So much income is added to the U.S economy because of community colleges since 2012 until now. Jobs are based on income as well. 1.3% students that attend community college are international students. These students pay more for tuition, fees, books, and supplies. The colleges then turn these monies into the U.S economy’s payroll and purchases. $1.5 billion was added to the U.S economy. Living expenses also contributed to more money to the U.S conomy incomes. $1.1 billion was added yet once again, thanks to the international students. Total income added to the U.S economy was about $2.6 billion. Numbers like these may a student want to continue their education. As for investments, evaluating the cost and measuring these against total benefits to see if a venture would be a good idea. If benefits outweigh cost, its good, but if the cost outweigh the benefits, its no good money will be lost. Community colleges are under a investment from the students, society, and taxpayers. As shown in the article “values meets value” a figure shows the average- aged workers career increase while people achieve higher levels of education. Having a associates degree a student will earn about $10,700 each year compared to someone with a high school diploma. Society as a whole benefits from America's community colleges in two major ways: the added income students earn more because of the skills they learn while attending college. Business also earn more because of how the students skills make more productive. Higher student