Islam: A Short Story By Karen Armstrong

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One of the most popular religions in the world is Islam. Islam is practiced by about 2.2 billion people at the present time, that is around 20% of the world's population. In 610 CE a man named Muhammad was 40 years old, he got a message from an Angel named Gabriel telling him that he was the messenger of Allah, the Arabic word for god. Muhammad would spread the world of Allah and preach it up until his death in 632 CE. From then on the Islamic religion has been spread across the world and practiced by so many. The expansion of Islam happened rapidly by having military success, gains in conquest, and good government. Winning wars and having a strong military helps keep an empire going so it can continue to expand. The people of the …show more content…
A document taken from the book, Islam: A Short Story by Karen Armstrong, states that for a long time the Arabs would attack other tribes, this act was called the ghazu, for better quality resources, since the Arabs live on the Arabian Peninsula that is 900,000 square miles of desert. Islam put a stop to the ghazu because the Muslim community was not allowed to attack each other. The Muslims then had to find another way to get the resources that they needed without breaking the rules so they started a series of ghazis against non-Muslim communities. The bringing together of the Muslim communities helped a direct offensive attack against Persia and Byzantium; who were exhausted from engaging against each other for decades. By going against these two empires and non-Muslim territories the Islamic religion was able to stay pure and continue to spread. Written in a document from a book, The Origins of the Islamic State by Ahmad Ibn-Jabir