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How does religion contribute to conflict in the Middle East?

PURPOSE/THESIS I have chosen to prepare this project because I am concerned why so much conflict has happened over religion in the Middle East. The three major religions were birthed there so you would think it would be a little bit less tense for things about religion. Through research, I will inform try to motivate the reader to feel as concerned as I am. Innocent people are getting hurt just because of the religion they practice. I don’t think it is right and I hope you don’t either.

METHODOLOGY October 5, 2012 I received my project October 17, 2012 I searched “religion conflict in the Middle East” on Google and got some information. October 20, 2012 I got some more information on my topic off of Google. October 20, 2012 I wrote my thesis and got more information for my report. October 27, 2012 I started my report and my backboard. October 28, 2012 I finished my report and typed it up. October 28, 2012 I put my papers and pictures on my backboard. October 29, 2012 I completed my project.

Religion gives each person the chance to express how they feel about the world. There are three dominant religions in the Middle East that contribute to conflict. They are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. Judaism stands for peace, equality, and love. Christianity is a religion of peace and love. In every century of history of these religions you will find a marked rise of intolerance, violence, and war. I am concerned as to why the Middle East has so much conflict toward religion. The three major religions birthed there so you would think there would be less conflict in this area. I feel bad that innocent people get hurt just because of the religion they practice. Christians in Arab states suffer from perspective from Muslim leadership. They believe that Christians should be second-class citizens or not be able to profess their faith. Why shouldn’t anyone be able to freely express themselves through religion? I would want to be able to let people know who I worship. Even when you try to impose your will to another religious group there is trouble. In Lebanon Sunni and Shia Muslims and Christians attempted to impose their will on two other religious groups. It ended up in civil war. It’s like they don’t even want to be cordial with one another. There were short periods of time when Christians got along with Muslims, Jews got along with Christians, and Muslims lived peacefully among Jews. Too bad that didn’t last long. It would have been nice to see everyone getting along. Jews in Israel and the occupied territories attacked and harassed non-Jews. They lived on the