Islam: Thought and Physical Fitness Essay

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Johnny Uhegwu
Dr. Williams
LEAD 460
2 May 2014

Fitness and Self-Leadership

Physical fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence (Manz & Neck, 2012, pg.129). Whether you know it or not physical fitness plays a big role in our daily lives. This topic fitness and self-leadership was definitely something I could relate to which is why I chose to write about it and hopefully it could have an effect and change someone’s life like it changed mine. Your physical fitness level plays an important role in determining our effectiveness in all aspects of our lives and that self-leadership strategies can help us obtain the fitness levels we desire. For example, the authors of this book “Mastering Self-Leadership” both rely on a variety of self-leadership strategies such as self-goal setting, self-reward, cueing strategies, self-talk, and mental imagery. They used those strategies to maintain their fitness activities. They also figured out that self-leadership contributes to good fitness habits, and good fitness enables us to be more personally effective in our work and lives. There’s no question that people who are fit are more productive; they enjoy their work more and accomplish more (Manz & Neck, 2012, pg. 129). This quote caught my attention because I could relate to it but I do feel that it is a little bias. For example, I work out throughout the week and by doing so I get a sense of productivity which allows me to carry over that positive energy to work. On the other hand for those who do not work out regularly, would find that quote absurd due to the fact that they are still productive at work without actually being fit. In the book there were a couple of people that were interviewed on how physical fitness had an impact on their jobs. One of the people responded with” I do believe that physical fitness impacts my job. I usually exercise during the middle of the day around 1 to 4 P.M. or so. I find that my energy level is much enhanced when I return from a workout. Further, I find that because I choose to go during the day, my thoughts tend toward work while exercising. I have some of my most creative thoughts when working out” (Manz & Neck, 2012, pg. 130). As you can see and various studies have shown that fitness promotes job performance. Individuals who are more likely to possess higher levels of energy and enjoy enhanced feelings of well-being.
To be effective self-leaders, we need to have a clear understanding of our interdependent relationships within our world and the way in which we influence ourselves (Manz & Neck, 2012, p. 160). Our actions shape our personal worlds as well as our thoughts and the way we deal with challenges (Manz & Neck, 2012, p. 160). To practice systematic self-leadership effectively, we can use techniques such as self-observation, self-goal setting, purpose examination, and self-reward. Realizing our natural enjoyment in challenges can motivate us to accomplish what we have a difficult time doing. Another approach is redesigning our psychological world by creating a useful thought pattern through constructive beliefs, self-talk, and imagery (Manz & Neck, 2012, p. 160). “To be personally effective is to believe we can deal with life’s many challenges and enjoy the successful handling of them” (Manz & Neck, 2012, p. 160). Self-efficacy is how effective we are in dealing with challenges in our own world.
Throughout this course, I’ve realized certain qualities about myself that I’m attempting to improve. For instance, I recognized that I tend to use negative self-talk and obstacle thinking when I’m presented with a challenge. Awareness, however, allows me to redirect the way that I think and now I replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. I think the redesigning of my thought process has not only brighten my outlook, but has motivated me to challenge myself more on a day to day basis
We need to recognize our independent relationship relationships within the