Islamic Culture Essay

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MUSLIM CULTURE Muslim culture generally reflects the traditions and customs of Muslims that they adopt for a perfect and respectable life in the society according to the lessons of Quran. Muslim culture is a giant combination of diverse cultures, That’s because Muslims live in various countries all over the world. Most of the practices are common faiths and guidance for all Muslims no matter what country or even content they reside in.. These basic faiths and belives are based on the teachings of Islam. The Muslim culture is a subject of debate for many people who lives in different parts of the world and belong to diverse communities. Muslim culture represents the unification of brotherhood where all Muslims are bound to …show more content…
Muslims have spread their language and religion through their way of life, arts and crafts as well as scientific fields. Arabians have developed different interests and tastes taking influence from other cultures mainly Persian and Greek. There are 22 countries in the Arab world with 180 million populations. Arabs can speak more than one dialect and share some common beliefs and values of Arab or Muslim culture. Majority of Arabs in Arab countries are Muslims. Many Arabs are Christians as well like in Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Muslims and Arabs do not drink alcohol and eat anything which is Haram in Islam. Muslims observe Fast during the month of Ramadan. Muslim women used to wear scarfs on their head and cover their body with long dresses. Muslims offer prayer five times a day after observing ablution and then they recite Quran that provide them comfort to their soul.
Islamic religion and the Arab culture provide emphasis on a good health and issued several ways and means to follow the tips of a good health by having a good diet and proper hygiene practices. Muslims have introduced a modern theme of medicines with a confidence in their way of treatment. In the Muslim world, elders are respected due to their experience. Men are the protectors of their family and women are required to show their obedient attitude towards men (Murray, 2004).
Islam prohibits eating those foods and drinks which are considered haram or unlawful