Islamophobia: Writing and Extra Credit Essay

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Documentary Addressing Islam and Islamophobia

Videos to see: 1. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet Optional – extra credit video review. Students can earn extra credit by watching a video suggested by instructor and then writing a reflection paper on the content of the video. Your paper should first thoroughly describe the material in the video, then offer your reactions to the video. (For example, how does this material relate social problems and policy? Do you agree with the views expressed in the video? Does the material seem up to date and well presented?) Note: This paper should consist of original material, written in your own words for this assignment specifically, and it should not be an assignment previously or concurrently submitted in another class. Students should not use any sources other than the video program itself when writing this paper – and specifically no Internet sources such as Wikipedia should be used whatsoever. Your paper should be typewritten (preferably completed on a word processor using an 11-point or 12-point font) in a standard college format such as MLA or APA (and specifically: double spaced in black ink on standard-size white paper, with your name, date, course number, and instructor’s name in the upper left corner of the first page. The title of the video you watched should be centered just above the first paragraph of your paper.) Please do not use a report cover or binder – simply staple