Ismene In Antigone

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Comparing Ismene to Myself

"Antigone", written by Sophocles, is an ancient greek play that tells the tale of a strong independent young woman. However, the character I would like to focus on is Ismene, the older and wiser sister to the main character. While analyzing all of the characters from this storyline, I most strongly identify with Ismene, for we have many similarities in personality. We have a countless number of the same ideas about how to live life. We both strongly believe in abiding by the rules, minding our own business, and we both have younger sisters that we strongly care for. These specific similarities make for two very closely related beings.

Ismene places a lot of value in following the rules. For all of her life, she
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She has witnessed the heartbreak and drama that comes out of it, and it is simply something she does not desire. While Ismene is pleading for Antigone to not break the law, she also adds that Antigone should not bother with it, and she should never agonize about things that are out of her hands. During this critical conversation, Ismene shares with Antigone, "I think it is dangerous business to always be meddling" (prologue.51). She is aware how much her sister cares about this, so she needed to work even harder to help her understand; she warns her sister that she can't help the situation provided that it is not in her control.

I have the same thinking, for I always keep to myself and try not to overthink the overrated dealings of those around me. Even if it is something I care strongly and deeply about, I will stay out of it to avoid petty conflict. I have never seen it appealing to get into others' business; it only causes drama, and I see absolutely no point in bringing that upon myself. There is no logical reason for putting myself into these kind of situations. It seems to me that Ismene believes this as well, and this is another trait that Ismene and I have in