Isolation In Frankenstein Research Paper

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In the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, isolation is a major theme portrayed by the creature and his creator. Despite the obvious theme of isolation with regard to the monster, Victor also experiences this feeling of solitude throughout the novel. This sense of seclusion affects Victor and the Monster in different ways. Most of us experience isolation at some point in our lives, the difference is we don’t bring it upon ourselves as Victor did to himself and the monster. There are interesting comparisons between the effects of isolation on a human and a non-human creature. When asked to think of isolation in “Frankenstein”, most would immediately reference the creature, in actuality, there is also a lot of solitude with regard to Victor. Before Victor’s mother passes away and preceding the move to Ingolstadt, Victor is a mess, "I threw myself into the chaise that was to convey me away and indulged in the most melancholy reflections. I, who had ever been surrounded by amiable companions, continually engaged in endeavoring to bestow mutual pleasure-I was now alone. In the university whither I was going I must form my own friends and be my own protector."(30). This new found sense of isolation is driving Victor insane. Victor states that he must form his own friends, this is the beginning of the creature. After Victor’s creation of his monster in hopes of a companion, he finds himself in mental isolation. Victor conveys his …show more content…
The monster and his creator, Victor, are affected differently by a feeling of solitude. While the monster is physically different from society, Victor is a human being who is expected to live up to certain expectations. Both the creature and his creator Victor, experience similar emotions as a result of isolation in the novel. In our lives we all experience isolation, the difference is we don’t bring it upon ourselves as Victor did to himself and the