Isolation In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Pages: 2

eing stuck inside an annexe for two years is not fun, but that is exactly what Anne Frank does. Isolation is a prominent theme throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. The Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel must live together in “the Secret Annexe”, an empty section of Mr. Frank’s company’s building, for a little over two years. Anne’s diary clearly conveys her isolation from both the outside world and the other people in the Secret Annexe.
Being cooped up in the annexe for 2 years is very isolating. No one can go out to buy groceries or take a walk around town. When Anne’s eyesight begins to worsen, she cannot even go out to buy glasses for fear of getting caught. The occupants of the Secret Annexe get their news from outside sources, such